Andrea L. Graham
Andrea @Grahammunology is the group’s head researcher. Her background is in ecology and evolutionary biology, and that training has shaped her approach to immunoparasitology. She has been known to occasionally have popcorn for dinner.

Postdoctoral researchers

Stephen Gaughran
Stephen brings profound expertise on genomics and adaptive evolution of pinnipeds to our project on immune systems of northern elephant seals (on which we’re collaborating with Prof Bridgett vonHoldt and Dr. Frances Gulland)! He also happens to hold an amazing NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship to study historical specimens of pinnipeds held in museum collections. Cannot wait to learn more as he pieces together the pinniped puzzle!

Graduate Students

Alec Downie
Alec is fascinated by life history evolution. He brings phylogenetic and comparative perspectives to generate broad understanding of the diversity of life histories that plants and animals, hosts and parasites, exhibit.

Arthur Menezes
Arthur brings an experimentalist’s view on disease ecology, but his interests in epidemiological theory are strong too. His fascination with B cells and immunoepidemiological modeling is growing… please stay tuned!

Liana Wait
Liana has a very exotic background in wildlife parasitology: for her Master’s degree, she studied parasites of none other than Tasmanian Devils!  She is now investigating co-infection in other, equally charismatic wild animals (=raccoons), and is co-advised by Andy Dobson.

Research Assistants

Ramya Smithaveni Barre
Ramya brings expertise in everything from root knot nematodes to influenza transmission to the Graham Group.

Billy Craigens
Billy has aided Graham Group field research projects on mice, snails, sheep, and more, and is hoping that the project portfolio will soon expand to include cryptids.

Please also see our wonderful Lab Alumni and Undergraduate Researchers!