Andrea named a Kavli-NAS Frontiers of Science Fellow

Andrea was honored to be named a 2018 Kavli Frontiers of Science Fellow of the US National Academy of Sciences and the Kavli Foundation. The associated symposium was truly inspiring, and the NAS website includes the full program as well as a link to Andrea’s symposium talk. This post was stuck in HTML traffic for an unfathomably long time, but it has arrived in public view at last to make the announcement!

Article for kids AND outreach to sculptors!

November brought us exciting new opportunities for outreach. First, Jackie and Andrea worked with editors from the Biomedical Science Journal for Kids (who knew!??), as well as Young Experts from our own families, to rewrite our 2018 PLoS Biology paper on city mice and country mice, for a 10-13 year old audience. Andrea then gave a public lecture at The Cooper Union in NYC. She loved fielding questions from the public and from students of painting and sculpture. Our worms are now reaching whole new audiences, it seems!

autumn 2018 news

This autumn brings 2 new arrivals, graduate student Alec Downie and GHP postdoc Jerry Nutor. A very hearty welcome to both!

The autumn also brings departures of various sorts. Former graduate student Jackie recently started a postdoc with Micaela Martinez at Columbia, to investigate circadian and seasonal rhythms in human immune function. Former postdoc Sarah has now started her new job at Keck Science Department of The Claremont Colleges in California. Both seem to be enjoying their new ventures. And former research assistant Tina has moved on to a research support role for the entire EEB department, so although we miss her daily presence, she hasn’t gone too far from us, and we are still determined to get her to a demolition derby one fine day soon! We wish them all well in their new roles.

Finally, congratulations to senior thesis student Teeto, who won a photo contest with an excellent image from her fieldwork at Mountain Lake Biological Station. Well done, Teeto!

A new Doctor is in the house! and a new doctoral candidate, too! and Danny remains a true champ!

Members of the lab have been thriving in very public ways of late. For example, the marvelous Jackie successfully defended her Ph.D. this past week!! Photos coming to the gallery soon. And the fantastic Liana recently defended her dissertation proposal, so she became an official doctoral candidate! And last but definitely not least, one of the undergraduate researchers in the lab, the awesome Danny Navarrete, has been profiled by the university to celebrate his scientific achievements thus far, and the many more to come. Congratulations and thanks to you all!

Making sense of worm-malaria co-infections

Our collaborative work on human worm-malaria co-infections in Indonesia has recently been featured (together with awesome custom artwork!) on Princeton’s website and subsequently on The Franklin Institute website and in science media in the Asia-Pacific region. We found that competition among parasite species for red blood cells is an important determinant of the outcome of these co-infections. Very well done to Sarah for leading the charge on this project!

Hooray for Sarah!

Mid-year, Sarah will be taking up her new job of Assistant Professor of Biology at Claremont McKenna, Pitzer and Scripps Colleges, in sunny California!!! Congratulations, Sarah! Fantastic news for you and the family, though we will miss you!

autumn 2017 news

Various recent and current members of the Graham Group have already had an eventful autumn:
1) Micaela Martinez has departed Princeton, alas, but is now happily launching into her next career phase, on the faculty of Columbia University!! Hearty congratulations, Micaela!
2) Courtney Thomason, after truly heroic mouse-trapping with us in Virginia for several summers, has landed a job as a Research Specialist at the UT-Knoxville vet school starting 1 Nov. Many congratulations, Courtney!
and 3) because, luckily, not everyone has fledged yet: just today, Ed has officially published his first paper, complete with accompanying audioslides. Congratulations and well done, Ed!

Welcome to wee Harriet, our newest member!

Welcome and best wishes to wee Harriet, who arrived very nearly right on time, early in the morning of 3 May! And congratulations to her proud parents, Sarah and Ross!!

autumn 2016 news

In various important ways, it has been a fantastic autumn for the Graham Group, what with Micaela receiving an NIH Early Independence Award to start her own group at Princeton (!!! go Micaela!!!), Ph.D. Alumna Ann preparing to start a faculty position at Vanderbilt (!!! go Ann!!!), and the arrival of Liana from Macquarie University (!!! go Liana!!!). And Andrea is on sabbatical at ETH Zurich, learning lots of new and fantastic mathematics of immunology. More somber developments in the nation — especially this first week of November — have hit us hard, though, and Action Looms. Please watch this space.

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