Courtney Thomason

Courtney is a co-infection specialist who is leading fieldwork to assess resilience of hosts to viral infections. Her interests include the ecology of within-host interactions among parasites and the epidemiological consequences of anthelmintic treatments. She is a birder, a mouser AND a mean soccer player.

Micaela Elvira Martinez

  I am an infectious disease ecologist. My primary interest is the seasonality of infectious diseases; although I am broadly interested in various aspects of disease and population ecology. My current research focuses on trying to understand the ecological, demographic, and environmental drivers behind seasonal epidemics of early-life infections, including poliomyelitis, measles, and chickenpox. A […]

Jennifer Peterson

Jenni brings research experience in genetics and molecular biology as well as dramatic flair to bear upon problems in parasite transmission. One of her favorite systems to think about is transmission of Chagas disease (American trypanosomiasis) by triatomine vectors. She completed her Ph.D. jointly with our group and Andy Dobson’s in 2015.

Ann Thomas Tate

Ann is that rare blend of theoretician and empiricist, and she cares equally about the mechanistic basis and population consequences of immunological variations. She is applying her skills and cross-scale vision to understand how flour beetles fight infection. She completed her Ph.D. in 2014.

Carrie Cizauskas

Carrie is a veterinarian as well as a card-carrying, PhD-carrying field ecoimmunologist, helminthologist and anthraxologist. When she was based at Princeton (2013-2015), she applied these considerable talents to understanding parasite burden and immune function in wild baboons.

Romain Garnier

Romain is an evolutionary ecologist and veterinarian who is interested above all in how natural selection shapes the strength and duration of immune defenses, especially maternally derived immunity. He has worked a lot on wild birds but now works on mammals, too, and charming ones at that: the Soay sheep of St. Kilda, Scotland (while […]