Andrea L. Graham

Andrea @Grahammunology is the group’s head researcher. Her background is in ecology and evolutionary biology, and that training has shaped her approach to immunoparasitology. She loves singing and has been known to occasionally have popcorn for dinner.

Postdoctoral researchers

Dr. Esther Annan

Esther is an expert on the immunoepidemiology of dengue, especially in vulnerable groups such as pregnant women. As a Global Health Program Postdoctoral Scholar at Princeton, she is expanding her research program in this area, especially in collaboration with research groups in Colombia, and building new projects in infectious disease epidemiology. We’re delighted to follow and support her progress, and in the meantime we can attest that Esther makes a mean kombucha!

Dr. David Chang van Oordt

David has expertise in immune-mediated life history tradeoffs, avian physiology, and statistical modelling. He has led fieldwork teams to carry out complex experiments, all while becoming a leader in service, outreach, and mentoring. He has joined the Ecology of Expulsion team, to investigate ideas about how cytokine feedback loops within hosts might translate to varied duration of infection and therefore population-scale, epidemiological impacts. David has long been interested in such cross-scale questions and we’re thrilled that he has joined our team to pursue them!

Dr. Stephen Gaughran

Stephen brings profound expertise on genomics and adaptive evolution of pinnipeds to our project on immune systems of northern elephant seals (on which we’re collaborating with Prof Bridgett vonHoldt and Dr. Frances Gulland). He also happens to hold an amazing NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship to study historical specimens of pinnipeds, some over 1000 years old, held in museum collections. Cannot wait to learn more as he pieces together the pinniped puzzle!

Dr. Gugulethu Moyo

Gugu is an expert on maternal and child nutrition who has completed projects in Zimbabwe, South Africa, and beyond. As a Global Health Program Postdoctoral Scholar at Princeton, she is investigating malnutrition and child health in Laikipia, Kenya, in collaboration with Mpala Research Centre and other organizations. We’re very excited to follow and support her progress, and in the meantime we are endeavoring to keep her cheerful despite NJ winter weather.

Graduate Students

Yoon Chang

Seokyoon “Yoon” Chang brings mathematical expertise to studies of the evolution of virulence and vector behavior. He was undaunted as he captured complexities of host-parasite interactions in his mathematical models as an undergraduate. He is now focusing on vector ecology and host skin microbiota as a modifier of both host and vector immune function.

Alec Downie

Alec is fascinated by life history evolution and the multivariate drivers of variation in immune phenotype. He brings phylogenetic, comparative, and behavioral perspectives to generate broad understanding of the diversity of life histories and immunological strategies that hosts exhibit. He is especially interested in sexual dimorphism in immune function and the immunological effects of social life!

Charlotte Knopp

Charlotte brings expertise in the ecology and evolution of parasites, especially tick-borne parasites, as well as a profound love of social insects. As an undergraduate, she gained a lot of research experience in each area, and she is now planning to bring those concepts together in her graduate research program. We look forward to her graduate adventures studying parasite life cycles in their six-legged hosts!

Arthur Menezes

Arthur brought profound expertise on experimental evolution of hosts and parasites to graduate school, clearly revealing that he is both a patient soul and a motivated scientist. He has chosen to hone his theory skills and is now developing novel analytical approaches to help make sense of diverse serological datasets. He also keeps the lab apprised of all the latest in music and merriment.

Research Assistants

Billy Craigens

Billy has aided Graham Group field research projects on mice, snails, sheep, and more, and is hoping that the project portfolio will soon expand to include cryptids.

Please also see our wonderful Lab Alumni and Edinburgh and Visitor Alumni as well as fantastic Undergraduate Researchers!

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