Andrea L. Graham
Andrea is the group’s head researcher. Her background is in ecology and evolutionary biology, and that training has shaped her approach to immunoparasitology. She has been known to occasionally have popcorn for dinner.

Postdoctoral researchers

Jerry Nutor
Jerry is an expert on the complex determinants of maternal and child health in resource-limited settings. He is also a registered nurse.

Graduate Students

Ed Schrom
Ed is a mathematical biologist and experimentalist who is investigating the ecology and evolution of inducible defenses in the face of sabotage by parasites.

Liana Wait
Liana has a very exotic background in wildlife parasitology: for her Master’s degree, she studied parasites of none other than Tasmanian Devils!  She is now investigating co-infection in other, equally charismatic wild animals, and is co-advised by Andy Dobson.

Research Assistants

Billy Craigens
Billy has aided Graham Group field research projects on mice, snails, sheep, and more, and is hoping that the project portfolio will soon expand to include cryptids.

Please also see our wonderful Lab Alumni and Undergraduate Researchers!