These VIPs have been invaluable contributors to the research and life of the Graham Group over the years. We wish them well in their continuing adventures!

Kevin Lozo, Visiting Scholar and M.D. candidate; Academic year 2019-2020

Kevin visited us from Rutgers Medical School, to hone his evolutionary biology knowledge while preparing for a career as a clinician. If only there were more M.D.s like this!

Dylan McGagh, Visiting Scholar and M.D. candidate; Academic year 2019-2020

Dylan visited from Oxford University, to deepen his knowledge of demography and statistics at the Office of Population Research. We’re lucky that he missed immunology over at OPR so became a lab meeting regular when he was on campus.

Isabel Valles Vega, Visiting Scholar and Ph.D. student; Autumn 2019

Isabel visited us from Centro de Investigaciones Biologicas in Baja California, Mexico, to educate us about monogeneans while immersing herself in immunoepidemiology.

Nhi Le Thi Quynh, Visiting Ph.D. student; Autumn 2018

Nhi visited us to investigate the ecology of diarrheal pathogens and learn about NGOs, just as she was finishing her Ph.D. at Oxford University Clinical Research Unit in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Julian Bär, Visiting M.Sc. student; Spring-Summer 2018

Julian visited us to investigate microbial ecology within mouse guts and to round out his Masters in Environmental Science at ETH Zurich, Switzerland.

Hao Chung, Visiting Ph.D. student; Autumn 2014

Hao visited us to learn worms and teach germs, while he was a Ph.D. candidate at Oxford University Clinical Research Unit in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Emily Griffiths, Visiting Ph.D. student; Autumn 2012

Emily (while a Ph.D. candidate at University of Sheffield) visited us to work on knotty problems in co-infection and to cycle on the right side of the road.

Karen Fairlie-Clarke, Ph.D. student and Research Assistant; 2005-2011

Karen is a zoologist and parasitologist by training, and has been involved in many Graham Group projects. Although she brings impressive energy to any endeavour, she measures antibodies with particular gusto. She is now a post-doc in Glasgow.

Kathryn Watt, Research Assistant; 2008-2009

Kathryn is a practicing herbal medic. She also has lots of research experience in parasitology & evolutionary ecology. A heady mix! She now is a full-time Research Assistant on the Soay Sheep Project.

Gráinne Long, Ph.D. student and then Postdoctoral Researcher; 2003-2007

Gráinne completed her Ph.D. on immunopathology and virulence evolution jointly between the Graham, Read, and Allen Groups at University of Edinburgh. She went on to post-docs at Penn State and Sheffield plus epidemiological training at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. She is now an Immunoepidemiologist for Roche UK.

Simmi Mahajan, Postdoctoral Researcher; 2005-2007

Simmi holds advanced degrees in cellular immunology and was our resident lymphocyte expert while she worked to understand the plasticity of T helper cell phenotypes during co-infection.

Lisa O’Gorman, Technician; 2006-2007

Lisa has training in biotechnology, microbiology, and parasitology. She took very good care of our parasites but then moved back into microbiology.

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