Preprints and the tales of interdisciplinarity!

It’s been far, far too long since I posted, I know… good grief! but here I am to tout 2 preprints that I just posted on the publications page, both hugely interdisciplinary and fascinating!! Each is stuck in >1 year (and counting) of peer review cycles, so please enjoy them now: Ed’s excellent preprint on […]

Dr. Ed!

We are delighted to announce that the wonderful Ed Schrom became Dr. Ed Schrom this week!!! MANY congratulations, Ed, and very best wishes in your new adventures at the NIH!

Nerd fun

We’ve undertaken some nerd fun this summer, with a charming cartoon and public science story on Liana’s recent meta-analysis of how worms might mess with vaccines as well as a pretty awesome video of Andrea explaining what the heck a disease ecologist does for a lay audience.

A good life for lab mice?

In the midst of nascent COVID-19 work, our core research program marches on. And, excitingly, our work on rewilded mice was recently covered in a fascinating perspective article on what it means, ethically and scientifically, for laboratory rodents to have a good life. They do seem robust and healthy out on the farm… especially since […]

We should all take notes like this

Here’s a bit of good nerdy cheer in the midst of these fascinating but troubling times…. When Andrea recently gave the Blodwen Lloyd Binns Memorial Lecture to the Glasgow Natural History Society — a profound honor for Andrea, not least because Blodwen Lloyd Binns was an exceptional woman! — a member of the audience took […]