A new Doctor is in the house! and a new doctoral candidate, too! and Danny remains a true champ!

Members of the lab have been thriving in very public ways of late. For example, the marvelous Jackie successfully defended her Ph.D. this past week!! Photos coming to the gallery soon. And the fantastic Liana recently defended her dissertation proposal, so she became an official doctoral candidate! And last but definitely not least, one of […]

Jackie’s newsworthy mice

Our lab’s work on worms and germs in rewilded mice, especially a huge experiment led by Jackie, has been getting a lot of TLC lately! For example, Princeton’s Office of the Dean for Research featured a synopsis of our city mouse-country mouse comparisons on the university website. Further afield, the work has been featured in […]

Making sense of worm-malaria co-infections

Our collaborative work on human worm-malaria co-infections in Indonesia has recently been featured (together with awesome custom artwork!) on Princeton’s website and subsequently on The Franklin Institute website and in science media in the Asia-Pacific region. We found that competition among parasite species for red blood cells is an important determinant of the outcome of […]

Jackie is in full swing

Jackie has undertaken two major projects to explore nematode-microparasite interactions in hosts in natural populations. Despite the awesome challenges, she is persevering. So watch this space for developments in the coming year!

Now he’s a Jolly Good Fellow!

Many congratulations to Romain Garnier, who has just been awarded an AXA Fellowship! We will miss him, come autumn, but will console ourselves in the knowledge that this move will take him closer to world centers of cheese, whisky & sheep diversity… and of course represents an exciting career move too. Well done, Romain!