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autumn 2018 news

This autumn brings 2 new arrivals, graduate student Alec Downie and GHP postdoc Jerry Nutor. A very hearty welcome to both!

The autumn also brings departures of various sorts. Former graduate student Jackie recently started a postdoc with Micaela Martinez at Columbia, to investigate circadian and seasonal rhythms in human immune function. Former postdoc Sarah has now started her new job at Keck Science Department of The Claremont Colleges in California. Both seem to be enjoying their new ventures. And former research assistant Tina has moved on to a research support role for the entire EEB department, so although we miss her daily presence, she hasn’t gone too far from us, and we are still determined to get her to a demolition derby one fine day soon! We wish them all well in their new roles.

Finally, congratulations to senior thesis student Teeto, who won a photo contest with an excellent image from her fieldwork at Mountain Lake Biological Station. Well done, Teeto!